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Ahead Software Announces ‘Reloaded’ Update To Nero 6

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Ahead Software Announces ‘Reloaded’ Update To Nero 6

Postby Ian on Tue Oct 26, 2004 12:08 pm

Nero 6 Reloaded brings significant enhancements to video editing authoring, playback, streaming media and digital imaging with power, performance and convergence.

Karlsbad, Germany (October 25th, 2004) -- Ahead Software, leaders in Digital Media Technology, have announced the immediate availability of Nero 6 Reloaded, the latest update of the World’s foremost CD and DVD application suite, Nero 6.

Containing a wealth of new features and functionality, Nero 6 Reloaded also adds a new dimension in usability. Along with seamless application linking that guides you through the digital media creation process, an intelligent product launcher, Nero StartSmart 2, renders even the most challenging CD or DVD recording tasks effortlessly. StartSmart 2 now integrates more intuitively with Windows auto play opening automatically whenever a blank CD or DVD is inserted in readiness for the start of a project.

Several existing modules within the Nero suite are updated.

Both Nero Burning ROM 6 and Nero Express 6 now have support for ISO 9660:1999 for multi-system compatibility, automatic media size detect, increased verification options, and short lead out recording that can give an additional 12MB of valuable data space.

Demanding video editing and authoring tasks are set to become a thing of the past with NeroVision Express 3. Now additionally supporting the import and editing of DVD-VR on DVD-RW/DVD-RAM, and accepting content directly from DVD+VR, DVD-VR, DVD-Video, SVCD and VCD discs, NeroVision Express 3 represents a major step forward in digital video. Improved smart encoding for audio and video means existing media data can be processed far quicker and accurately, while Nero’s famed MPEG-2 encoder has also seen notable speed and quality improvements.

Nero Recode 2 already leads the market in DVD transcoding, and version 2.1 supports direct file encoding to Nero Digital™ (MPEG-4). Nero Recode 2.1 adds new profiles for CE device compatibility including Mobile, Portable, Standard, Cinema, and High Definition TV. Additionally, 2 sub-titles, 2 audio tracks and chapter creation are now supported. In the speed and quality arena, Nero Recode 2.1 has no equal in A/V compression, and Nero Digital™ continues to break new grounds in MPEG-4 and HE-AAC.

Nero ShowTime 2 DVD/Media player now includes MPEG-4 H264/AVC decoding in readiness for future DVD and TV content delivery. This improved MPEG-2 visual quality brings a new experience to any DVD movie. Nero ShowTime 2 also includes the integration of Nero MediaHome, a new addition to the suite.

Nero MediaHome addresses the needs of the home network user, allowing files to be shared on a LAN (Local Area Network) for full playback and control within Nero ShowTime to the media home server. With converging markets and the connected home becoming a reality, Nero MediaHome will play an increasing role in the way your content is distributed.

The ‘Reloaded’ update now includes an additional photo-image utility that allows the easy viewing, importing and editing of digital photos and images. Nero PhotoSnap makes the whole process to CD and DVD as transparent as possible adding even more value to the Photo and Video section of the Nero 6 Suite.

In R & D labs world-wide, the Nero Toolkit has long been the choice of leading Optical drive makers, and is an indispensable test tool when new CD and DVD drives are developed.

Nero 6 Reloaded is now the most complete all-in-one Digital Media Solution available today. Already the recipient of several accolades including RetailVision Europe’s top software award, Nero OEM suite has become the chosen bundled software of some of the biggest names in CD, DVD and consumer electronic markets, including Philips, Sony, LG, Samsung, Lite-on, BenQ, Asus, NEC, Toshiba (TSST), BTC, Teac, Ricoh, Plextor, and many others. Nero 6 Reloaded is set to expand on this tradition.

Nero 6 Reloaded is available at participating retailers since October 18th and will be available online on October 25th at www.nero.com as boxed and downloadable version. Current Nero 6 users can update the latest release for free at www.nero.com.

About Ahead

Ahead Software provides the most reliable CD/DVD software applications available to serve digital media markets worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, Ahead’s leading application, Nero, has built a loyal customer base of more than 160 million users world-wide.

Ahead’s award-winning flagship product, Nero 6, provides an all-in-one comprehensive digital media solution. Ahead’s product line also includes Nero Digital™ – audio/video technology, the new Nero PhotoShow Elite – the easy and complete photo solution, SIPPS – VoIP, and across – professional computer aided translation software. Ahead distributes its products globally through world’s leading drive manufacturers and PC makers, as well as leading worldwide retailers, online partners, and also directly to consumers at www.nero.com. Ahead Software AG is headquartered in Karlsbad, Germany, with its subsidiaries Ahead Software Inc. located in Glendale, California, USA and Ahead Software K.K. located in Yokohama, Japan.

Nero® is a registered trademark, InCD is a trademark of Ahead Software AG. Any other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. © 2004 Ahead Software. All rights reserved.
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Postby TCAS on Wed Oct 27, 2004 2:16 am


Could please if you can tell us what is the difference between this update ( Nero Reload of October 26) and the update that was announced yesterday (Nero 6.6 update of October 25). The yes day updates are as usual 6 modules while Nero reload which was available almost a week ago on one of European site and some of us has downloaded and install it is only one single module 80Mb in size and every other modules embedded on it.
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Postby Ian on Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:44 am

The one from a few weeks ago is an entire disc image. This was sent out to some editors so they could do an article on the upcoming Nero 6.6. From what I've gathered, this early version is missing some features, etc.

The smaller, individual updates that were released earlier this week are the ones Ahead wanted released to the public. In the case of Nero, its a later build. If it was me, I'd use these versions.

I'm sure Craig can shed some more light on this.
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Postby CCampbell on Wed Oct 27, 2004 1:31 pm

For the most part, the version we provided to the Editors had all the basic features of the latest posted build. But there were some aspects that were not working 100%, such as the Nero MediaHome. It worked, but under certain conditions would not launch without an error. And we had hoped to be done with our H264 development so we could include it in this first release, but that did not occur.

Improved quality in our VCD and SVCD creation when creating SlideShows, etc.


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Postby Howard Kaikow on Wed Oct 27, 2004 4:16 pm

No such thing as ISO 9660:1999, it's ISO 9660:1998.
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Postby dodecahedron on Wed Oct 27, 2004 4:18 pm

i've seen reference to iso 9660:1999 before (i think in the program burnatonce).

doesnt this let you use really long filenames?
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