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Alcohol 120%

Postby kevincott on Sun Apr 20, 2003 9:24 pm

I have been reading that Alcochol 120% to be a good product that performs a little slow due to software based back-ups (as opposed to CloneCD which is more hardware based).

I have also read that WinXP can be trashed by Alcohol.

I have had CloneCD for a while and their website seems to be not functioning as of late.

Can anybody offer me any new intel (opinions, links to review, etc...) about this product?

I use WinXP Pro with a LiteOn 52x24x52 and I have been relatively current with my firmware.
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Postby vbl117 on Mon Apr 21, 2003 5:45 am

Hum . You want my opinion and some well known facts , go there ( though it was not updated it remains true ) :


Also i assume it's false to say Alcohol is slow and slower :roll: . Of course like Clone Cd it is a software that uses hardware abilities ( but Alcohol uses hardware abilities much better ) . But when it uses DPMS ( it is not used with most profiles ) to know accurately data position it needs twice the time it would have needed . 2/3 Mn X 2 ; poor boy ! 3 Mn more for a perfect image that u'll not be able to obtain with other software . will you survive ? . Securom New needs DPMS because this protection is also based on data positioning .

I use Win XP PRO . I had many problems with burning software and virtual cd but none of them occurred with Alcohol 120 which seems very stable to me :D .

If you want to make the better back up and use all your Lite-On abilities u should better use Alcohol 120 instead of Clone Cd .

But like i always says : do as you want :wink: . If i were you i wouldn't ask anymore and i would give it a try . It is the better way to compare it with Clone Cd .
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