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All Kinds of DVD Probs

How fast is too fast?

All Kinds of DVD Probs

Postby drsaari on Tue Dec 30, 2003 6:58 pm

well, as the topic states i have all kinds of DVD problems.
initially both my dvd-roms would lock up when i was trying to read dvd's. they would open up and could read a certain amount of data, then they would lock up. eg, if i tried to copy a bunch of files off of them a few would copy and it would lock up.
now, i got some new ritek 4x dvd-r's and burnt one with my burner. when i try to read the burnt disk with the burner in my computer the dvd-rw will turn into a cd-reader and open up blank with nothing in it. after taking out the dvd it turns back to a dvd-rw. the burnt disk opened up once in my liteon reader but usually just locks it up.
well, i have tried: reinstalling and using different IDE drivers; reinstalling and using different versions of nero; using both windvd and powerdvd; reinstalling windows. the firmware is all up to date.
nothing works and i am really becoming frustrated. anyone have any ideas??? i have tried several brands and types of dvd's and they all behave the same. i dont believe anything is wrong with my dvd devices.
help me!

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Postby burninfool on Tue Dec 30, 2003 7:18 pm

Install IsoBusterand ForceASPI,If that doesn't help then I would say your drive is shot.
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Postby drsaari on Tue Dec 30, 2003 8:06 pm

i have tried both those and nothing has changed.
when i first got my liteon combo i had the exact same probs so i rma'ed it and got a new one that does exactly the same thing. when i got my pioneer burner and it did the same thing as well i concluded that it was probably something else in my system like a driver or something. but i cant track it down...
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