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anybody ever get this error messege using lite on 197

How fast is too fast?

anybody ever get this error messege using lite on 197

Postby kingcong711 on Mon Dec 27, 2004 12:44 am

Im trying to use dvd decrptor to decrpet lotr the extended edition and its giving me an error 50 percent threw the decretpion saying I/O error and it stop decoding the movie and wont let me rip it anyone.
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Postby hoxlund on Mon Dec 27, 2004 2:15 am

try using dvd shrink to rip, if that gives you a problem then the disk is bad

check for scratches, smudges and finger prints

if its dirty just use windex or hot water, then wipe off with very soft lint free cloth
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Postby burninfool on Mon Dec 27, 2004 5:12 pm

I'm seeing a bad pattern on this forum with the Lite-On 167T,you might want to RMA it and get a 166.
In DVDDecrypter->Tools->Settings->I/O tab select 'Ignore Read Errors' and set 'Transfer Length' to 32KB.
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