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anyway to write faster the RW limit speed?

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anyway to write faster the RW limit speed?

Postby mooseboy84 on Wed Feb 11, 2004 2:17 am

i have a bunch of old [unused]office depot 1-4x RW media around. i have a lite on 52/32/ cdrw. is there any way to get around not burning stuff at 4x? this is unbarable.

is there any software or hacked firmware that will allow me to burn higher than 4x? at least 10 or 12x minimum.

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Postby pranav81 on Wed Feb 11, 2004 2:24 am

Dear mooseboy84,
Hi.No.You cant write the 4X discs at higher speed.It's not the drive limitation but the media limitation.The dye in a 4X RW is suitable only for 4X writing.
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