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ASUS E616 to replace E612 ?

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ASUS E616 to replace E612 ?

Postby dutchman-ruud on Mon Jul 14, 2003 4:46 pm

I have just sold my ASUS E612 and am looking for a new drive.

The E612 was no fun drive for other than DVD media. It did not perform constantly and at times was really bad with CD-ROM, CD-R & CD-RW.
When a disk was loaded, the CPU got on hold for sometimes 5-9 secs.

I must say on paper the E616 does look good and has some nice features. But I need to know if the same problems would turn up the head as with the E612.
During reviews these items don't get that much attention. I would not like to find out that the E616 has the same bad habits as the E612 for myself (I would have to sell it like the E612...)

The other option would be an Aopen DVD-1648-LKY or BKH. These drives should read DVD+R as well.

Looking forward to feedback!
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