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ATI Support is Terrible

What was that?

ATI Support is Terrible

Postby aviationwiz on Mon Dec 29, 2003 9:00 pm

I have a TV Wonder Pro, and I am getting;
static, noise, and horizontal lines in my picture. I checked thier FAQ and that said to check the cables, OK, sounds good, tried the ones going to my normal TV which has a perfect picture, no go, tried buying $50 Monster Cables, no good. So thier support is closed on the weekends, oh well, it's the holidays, it's a weekend, OK, I'll wait until Monday when they are open.

So when I go to call on Monday, I get a busy signal! The nerve, how does a tech support line get a busy signal! I've NEVER heard of such a thing. Then the line goes back up with no busy signal at the exact minute they close. This is terrible servive, the worst I have ever heard of, oh, and they haven't responded to any of my emails either. Lite-On's Tech Support is the best in the world compared to this, and I wasn't a fan of thiers, but at least they got my issue fixed.
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Postby Dartman on Thu Jan 01, 2004 2:43 pm

Well they used to have some of the worst drivers support there ever was too. I like ATI cards and have used them since the early 90's in some of my boxes. I finally got a TI 4200 last summer becuase it was faster and had excellent drivers and support.
Now ATI finally learns the drivers part but I guess they still don't have support down.
I MIGHT get a ATI soon or maybe another Nvidea based card depending on who ends up with the best bang for buck when I'm ready.
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