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Available Write Descriptor


Available Write Descriptor

Postby Orochi on Wed May 11, 2005 2:22 pm

Anyone can help me with the following problems?
I have got some samples of blank DVD-R 4X with Generic MID Code.
But there are little difference within the few samples I got.
I used DVDinfopro to check the Media Info, 2 discs has "Available Write Descriptor" at CLV 2X, and CLV 4X. (same as any other 4X Media in the market). But the other 3 discs does not have these lines.
Now the problem comes, I try to test them in the following burners.
Pioneer 108
Pioneer 109
LiteOn 832s
Plextor 712A

The 2 discs with "Available Write Descriptor" can be recognized on all burners.
But the 3 discs without "Available Write Descriptor" can not be recognized by Pioneer and LG burners, others are ok.

Does anyone know the reason why this is happenning?
Is it because of the Pioneer and LG Burners need to have "Available Write Descriptor" at CLV 2X or 4X to be able to recognize the disc?
Can someone tell me what exactly does the Available Write Descriptor CLV 2X and 4X do?

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Postby Ian on Wed May 11, 2005 2:26 pm

I think you've pretty much figured this out yourself. Essentially, it means that there are write descriptors for that media. The ones that don't.. aren't supported on those drives. In those cases, the drive probably uses a generic writing method.
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