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Bad Motion Vectors

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Bad Motion Vectors

Postby Albo on Wed Jan 14, 2004 1:46 pm

I wanted to post this on DVDRhelp.com but my new user account won't let me post a topic for another day.

I'm trying to create a dvd using an mpeg. The mpeg seems to be in VCD Format and I'm trying to convert it into MPEG2, correct? Every program I have tried to use to author this dvd has stopped short of completion. They all seem to stop due to a Bad Motion Vector (which is the error I get when using Arcsoft Showbiz). I have tried using TMPeng DVD Author, Showbiz, and Roxio DVD Builder. Anyone have any experience with a similar problem? I searched the forums on DVDRhelp.com for "Motion Vectors" and some of the results lead me to believe using TMPeng's Highest Quality setting may help. Any insight you guys can provide will be great.
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