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Best Buy Canada Nov 18-20

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Best Buy Canada Nov 18-20

Postby CameraMan on Wed Nov 19, 2003 1:43 am

Memorex 5-pack DVD+R 4x $9.99 after $5 savings (in store)
Dynex DVD+R Writer $199.99 -$20 in store -$60 MIR = $99.99

Specs are (going from the picture, which is crap)

DVD 4x2.4x16x
CDR 16x10x40x

I couldn't find anything on this drive surfing the net.

Emachines 15" LCD monitor
$599.99 - $165 in store - $135 MIR = $299.99

I don't thing MIR are worth the BS they cause. That LCD... is $435 before MIR, and you can find a 15" anywhere for $400 or less without MIR.

The blank discs at $2 a pop are a great deal.. stock up.

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Postby seaegg on Wed Nov 19, 2003 4:07 am

Make sure and call the store before you leave home to make sure they have the DVD+Rs in stock. The last time they were on sale I drove down to Regent only to find out that they had never had them in stock. The Manager's explanation was that the flyers are printed 6 months in advance and that their other store at St. James had them in stock but that the Regent store never received theirs. My reply was if this ever happens again I'll have them investigated by the Consumer Bureau for the illegal practice of bait and switch and hopefully put them out of business. Funnily enough Best Buy bought Future Shop who are also guilty of the same prcatice. I no longer grace those stores with my presence. I buy my blanks from blankmedia.ca whose prices suit me just fine. Also I've never had a bad disk since buying from them which is more than I can say for some of the retail discs I've bought at stores in Winnipeg.
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