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best phthalocyanine for ASUS 5224a

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best phthalocyanine for ASUS 5224a

Postby MEGAFER on Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:05 am

i tested the folowing cd's with the phthalocyanine dye type on my Asus 5224a, with the latest firmware ver 1.40:
acer media, cmc, plasmon and ritek.

anybody had a well burned disk with this drive, with any phthalocyanine layer disk?

the best i got for this recorder was with the verbatim dlp. but i can't get them anymore here in argentina.

and the others cyanine type disk are well burned, but i know they are more unstable and sensitive to light, so that gives them a short lifespan compared to phtalocyanine based disks.
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