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Best places to buy blank media?


Best places to buy blank media?

Postby perdomot on Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:06 pm

Just wondering if there are good places to buy the more popular blank media so many folks here recommend. Thanks.
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Postby DVD_ADDICT on Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:48 pm

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Postby tazdevl on Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:34 pm

meritline.com, allmediaoutlet.net, newegg.com
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Postby Ian on Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:42 pm

I've had good experiences with newegg.com and rima.com.

I will order from Meritline as well.. but only if the other two don't have something in stock which sadly is quite often.
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Postby TCAS on Thu Feb 10, 2005 12:07 am

TDK DVDMR47CB15 • 15-pack • Compact spindle

Original Price: $19.99
You save: -$17.00

You pay: $2.99

This sale is in Circuit City stores this week.
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Postby hoxlund on Thu Feb 10, 2005 1:59 am

ive ordered from rima.com, meritline, supermediastore

so far i like rima.com
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Postby dolphinius_rex on Thu Feb 10, 2005 3:12 am

of course everyone can only assume that you're in the USA... if you live in Canada, then the two best places are NCIX.com (watch for their weekly sale on Thursdays) and www.blankmedia.ca. I know the people in charge of the blank media products for both stores, and keep close watch to make sure all their stuff is legit :wink:
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Postby Jim on Thu Feb 10, 2005 9:02 pm

If you're willing to do a little head work (country of origin, ect.) you can pick up the media cheaply during the Sunday sales.
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Postby perdomot on Fri Feb 11, 2005 10:55 am

I do check the adds in Sundays paper but it looks like getting the good stuff at a deal price doesn't happen too often.

That TDK media is only 2X. Can I burn it at higher speeds? Thanks for the help folks.
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Postby TCAS on Fri Feb 11, 2005 8:26 pm

I went to Circuit City in long Beach, CA and was told they still do not have this item in stock, I talked to the store manager and ask a substitute and he gave me 4 package of 25 DVD+R (TDK8X) for the same price $.20(20 Cents)/Disc, total of 100 for $20. They are CMC E01 and will burn with my NEC 3500 at 12X speed.
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