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Blindwrite locks up Win ME need help......

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Blindwrite locks up Win ME need help......

Postby Icky on Wed Dec 31, 1969 10:57 pm

Hi all

I loaded Blindread
I told it to use the aspi layer on win ME. I used forceaspi and checked with checkaspi that all was ok, aspi version 4.60[1021].
As soon as Blindread loads these drivers it locks up and i have to reboot .
So i used the patin-couffin driver that comes with Blindread/Blindwrite
This works to a point. I try to copy Aliens v Preditor2 (Securom New protected no read errors on the cd)

The copy just sits at 1% done not changing. The Liteon has small reads every min or so but the hard disk is screaming away all the time......
So i abort the read .... Thoughts on this?
DMA is enabled on all drives
CloneCD and Nero work fine.

Setup is:
Windows ME
256 meg / 133mhz
Athlon 800 / clk @ 950
Motherboard: Asus A7V
Pioneer DVD/CDROM 115 on primary IDE / Master
Liteon 24102b on secondry IDE / Master
Maxtor 40gig on Promise IDE ATA/100 primary / Master
Maxtor 30gig on Promise IDE ATA/100 secondry / Master
4 in 1 drivers 4.37

Help is appreciated...........................
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