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Burning audio CDs - newbie - Please Help

Burn baby burn!

Burning audio CDs - newbie - Please Help

Postby jy88888888 on Thu Apr 10, 2003 6:39 pm


I am completely new to this type of forum - Just got a burner and can only burn data.

I have a TEAC Reference 500 hi-fi - very good!

Problem is, I can't burn audio CDs that play in it.

I use Nero Burning Rom bundled in Express mode and when given the options I choose "Burn Audio CD". It states "mp3 and wma files will be automatically converted to audio CD format during the burn process"

I don't seem to be confronted with any prompts after that so I just select some mp3 files.

It burns then I shove it in the hi-fi and it doesn't play!

Please help - I tried it using "Maxell CD-RW 80 700mb" and "TDK CD-RXG AUDIO 74".

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Postby CDRecorder on Thu Apr 10, 2003 7:49 pm

Try playing the discs in your computer or in another AudioCD player. If they work, you might need to use a different kind of disc or else you might need to burn your existing discs at a different speed.
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