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Burning Image to Disc in Backup2

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Burning Image to Disc in Backup2

Postby grayscot on Sat Oct 07, 2006 1:12 pm

There is a menu item in SmartStart for Backup2 called:
"Burning Image to Disc" But after creating an image of an on-the-drive file that is larger than current DVDs, this option will not span disks in the burn process.

Why not? What's the point of having an image burn option in the Backitup section unless it can burn an image of a partition or drive across multiple DVD's?

You can use image recorder to create the large image, but then can't burn that image to the necessary number of disks. The drive backup option has no difficulty spanning disks. Why the limitation on Burning ROM or Nero Express?

Or am I just missing something?
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Postby CCampbell on Sun Oct 08, 2006 3:55 pm

Hi Grayscot,

The problem is that you are using two differnt programs.

You are creating the backup using our Nero BackItUp 2 program. Which can backup to an Image Recorder, which of course will always be a Hard Drive, Network Drive, or Removeable drive, but never a Recorder.

And when you restore, it restores from that Hard Drive. That's how all programs restore Images. Of course, if an Image does fit onto a CD or DVD, you can always later burn them to disc using Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express as you are trying to do. However, if they do not fit on a CD or DVD, then you can not use Nero Express or Nero Burning ROM to burn them to disc, as these programs do not have the ability to span discs.

So what you are attempting to do is not possible. Sorry.


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