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Can I burn a CDR data disk with some hidden files?

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Can I burn a CDR data disk with some hidden files?

Postby boswpb on Wed Feb 04, 2004 9:16 pm

My brand new HP Pavilion is removing the hidden attribute from files when it burns a CDR data disk. This happens on three different CD writer programs. Any ideas about why the hidden attribute is removed, or how I can preserve the attribute?
The HP folks offer to replace the ASUS CRW-4824AH . PC-Doctor has recently reinstalled the CD-driver when ia device check found some problem...
Maybe the ASUS is defective? Maybe I need new firmware? Maybe there is a conflict that would disappear if I just be removed and reinstalled the ASUS?
The process seemed to work before for me. In 'Folder Options', I select 'Show hidden files'. Then I select all in a working HDD folder with 700MB of music, documents, pictures, batch files, ICONS, CD Menu, etc.; including one percent hidden files/folders. Later I drag/drop them to the CD writer. In the past the attribute was preserved. :evil:

Narrow the Problem to Software?

I installed another CDR burner and Nero Nero will preserve the attribute on both burners; and RecordNow6 and WinXP writer will lose it. Any ideas would be appricated... Seems like a strange software conflict to me. :oops:

HP saves the bacon?

A replacement CD-RW burner from HP is working better. Not quite sure about warrantee though? :x
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