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In CD 3.51.61, Can't copy Files or Folders, CD is Read only.

Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express, NeroVision Express, Recode, InCD, etc..

Postby Daiwa on Sat Dec 14, 2002 12:03 pm

Can't say about XP, but I have Winamp2, Winamp3 and RealPlayer on my Win2K system, apparently without InCD conflicts. FWIW. :)
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Postby KCK on Sat Dec 14, 2002 12:53 pm


On my XP Pro, Netscape 4.79 installed its versions of RealPlayer and WinAmp (I don't know their versions, since I've never used them because both could take over file associations, etc). No problems with InCD.

Apparently WinAmp itself is not dangerous (except that 3.x hogs the CPU, steals associations, etc). I don't know if any version installs any burning plugins by default (like WMP 7.x and 9.x), so typically users download them and install separately. The most popular ones include the Veritas CD Recording Plug-in, QuickBurn MP3, and Burning CD plugin, but there are many others which might conflict with Nero/InCD.

RealPlayer is now called RealOne Player. For the free RealOne Player v1, one can buy Roxio CD Creator Plus, whereas in the commercial version of RealOne Player v2, CD burning is automatically available if you are a RealOne SuperPass member or a RealOne Player Plus user. You may expect conflicts with Nero/InCD, since Roxio CD Creator Plus is not compatible with RealOne Player v2.

Do you have any Nero/InCD problems, or are you just being cautious?

Do you mean you got a preinstalled version of XP with RealPlayer and WinAmp? Which versions? Can you find any options for CD recording in their menus? Did you check Add/Remove Programs for burning plugins either listed separately, or included in the options for RealPlayer or WinAMP?

You could explore Program Files for CD plugins installed separately or in the Real and WinAmp directories.

As for drivers, here is what I have on my XP Pro SP1 box:

08/17/2001 01:52 PM 7,680 CD20XRNT.SYS
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 18,688 CDAUDIO.SYS
08/29/2002 09:58 AM 59,648 cdfs.sys
08/29/2002 09:27 AM 47,488 cdrom.sys

08/29/2002 09:06 AM 64,000 udfs.sys

dir C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\cd*.*
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 142,336 CDFVIEW.DLL
08/29/2002 11:40 AM 14,848 cdm.dll
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 15,872 CDMODEM.DLL
08/18/2001 07:00 AM 2,028,032 CDOSYS.DLL

dir C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ud*.*
08/29/2002 11:41 AM 22,016 udhisapi.dll

If you find other suspect files (e.g., from Veritas), I could check if I have them as well.
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