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can't copy cd ...cd scracthed ...need help urgently (psx cd)

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can't copy cd ...cd scracthed ...need help urgently (psx cd)

Postby help-me on Wed Dec 31, 1969 11:32 pm

Hi guys.
I am having a small problem with copying a game of mine.
I have Hp 9300 cd-writer
I have 3 small problems with copying the game


The game i have is Driver 2 which is a PAL version and i read a tutorial on copying Playstation games and they said that i must check whether the game has any protection. I did that and found that it does have protection but i am a bit confused on the protection it is. See the site i went to was http://playstation-patches.com and checked if there is a patch for the game Driver 2 and i found a few patches but now i dont know which one to use. Here is a list of the patches i found:

NTSC Patch for the European PAL UK Version.
Perfect NTSC Patch for the European PAL UK Version.
NTSC Patch for the European PAL Version (GOL)..
NTSC Patch for the European PAL Version (NBC).
PAL/NTSC Selector for the European PAL Version.

I definately know my game is a PAL version and when the game starts up I've seen on the Logo screen the word "European" come in there.
If u can tell me which patch will be perfect with the game plz do so.
Also if u dont know the game is 2 cd's so do i have to take the patch and copy it on to both cd's i.e. cd1 and cd2


The main and actual reason that I need help for is that the game I have (Driver 2) is not copying correctly. So what i did was i checked the underneath of the cd and saw that it had been badly scrached so when i am copying it (I use Cdr-Win to copy) the first Cd (Cd1) stops at 95% and just dosent finish the last few percentages so my guess is that the cd is scrached very badly and the last few sectors cannot be read. The same problem also happens with the 2nd cd and it stops at about 85% and just jams there and also cant read the last few sectors.

I was reading on a website that there is a program called BLINDREAD which can read and copy scratched cd's but i have not got a chance to try it and even if i have it im sure i wont know how to even use it. So if anyone can confirm this for me and is sure that this program Blindread will copy my cd then can u plz help me out. All i need to know is how to use the program and exactly what options must be on/off (In other words i need a detailed explanation in step by step form of how to copy my scratched cd using this program)

Also if there is any1 who knows of any other program or any other way in which i can overcome this problem and copy this cd (Scratched) then plz help me out i would really appreciate. Also again plz give me a detailed explanation of how to use any program that you will recommend to me.


Another thing is that I heard from a friend and from the company i bought my cd-writer from is that when you use / insert cd's which are scratched it could damage your cd-writer. So i also have a creative cd-rom 48X. Will it be possible to use my cd-rom to read the playstation game and copy an image on to the hard drive. Will this cause any problem with the copying of the game on to a blank. Plz help on this problem.

Thank u 8)
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