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CDR 90 min

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CDR 90 min

Postby kotrtim on Sat Aug 28, 2004 5:26 am

90min Media

Brand = HiCo 90min/Extra Long
Manufacturer = unknown
Code = 96m43s37f
Dye = Type 7 Phthlocyanine
code on inner ring = RAD92M-00114 HD

Brand = HiCO 80min/700MB
Manufacturer = RiTEK
Code = 97m15s17f
Dye = Type 7 Phtalocyanine
code on inner ring = RFD80M-53132 80

I've bought a few HiCo 90min (This is my first attempt to write 90 min media)
pls help.........
CDSpeed is unable to recognise the ATIP code of the 90min media
So I just take HiCo 80min media and compare the code molded
in the inner ring of the disc

they are quite similar

80min = RFD80M-53132 80
90min = RAD92M-00114 HD

the 80min is confirmed as RiTEK!
is the 90min media also from RiTEK?

I also tried overburn test and my writer (Artec WRR-52X) can write up to
94min on that media

2nd question
by default, the Overburn capacity in CDSpeed is set to 89:59
but this time i type in 100:00

when the simulation process started
the progress actually starts from 99 to 98, 97..90, then it jump
to 0 and go up to 84min instead of from 0 to 94min
what's all this?

finally, any 90min media you can recommend?
I tried to search for Verbatim 90min media through the net
and local stores, but no such thing exist.
the only brands are HiCo and Melody.
I bought HiCo becoz i have more confidence on them

hehehehehehe, Melody toasted Artec WRR-52X twice
The first time i tried to write Melody CD-RW which the manufacturer
is Infodisc, the drive malfunction immediately. I RMA
it exchange for a new one, then a few months later
again i tried to write Melody again, the drive malfunction
and i get the 2nd exchange...COOL

Out of 20 RiTEK 80min, I have 2 started to rote!
18 still perfect!....RiTEK disc are not very reliable
You must keep them in jewel case or spindle or they will rote

both RiTEK CDs that started to rote are kept in CD File
the other 18 are in spindle or jewel case, weird they are fine
i immediately transfer the rotten CDs to casing and no
obvious further deterioration after that

while all my Prodisc and Mitsubishi Chenicals are still healthy
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Postby MediumRare on Sat Aug 28, 2004 9:47 am

According to InstantInfo these are Ritek. This is a German site, so depending on where you are, it may be more or less useful (it's not fully up to date either).

The 90 min CDR's I've used are MMore (MBI) and SKC. The latter produced better burns with my LiteOn LTR 48246S, but I can't say anything about longevity.

My drive only worked with the CDSpeed overburning test after updating to the latest firmware ("Strengthen the stability of the " OVERBURN " function"). You might check if Artec has new firmware for your drive...

Edit: See these posts for my experience with MMore and SKC.

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CDR 90/99min 800/900MB

Postby HardwareHarry on Sat Aug 28, 2004 12:55 pm

DataTrack CD-R99-900MB made of Bayer MAKROLON www.datatrack.de

MMORE CD-R90/800MB made also of Bayer MAKROLON www.mmore.com

with my LITE-ON 40125S with last FW, both MULTISPEED media, but with NERO 63120 the DATATRACK just is possible 90min/703MB, while MMORE
gets 90min/791MB burning...

Also the writing speed must set to a lower speed to write without errors!
(in my case 20x)

I've (logical) not used this discs for audio, just data.
There used to be special burning HD software for this discs, but lately I just use this nice NERO to write audio/data and DVD on the SONY500.
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Postby SkaarjMaster on Fri Jun 10, 2005 11:23 am

I did a quick google search for 90-minute CD-R and came up with this old announcement by TDK:

Any idea on when 90-minute CD-Rs will be mass produced and available to the general public? Does Taiyo Yuden have them yet?
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Postby MediumRare on Fri Jun 10, 2005 1:14 pm

90 min CD-R's are quite readily available here (Germany) from various brands and have been for some time. The way media trends are going, it might be more appropriate to ask "how long wil these be mainstream?". You may have compatibility problems using them some players, though, because they're outside the specs for a standard CD(R)- try one before you get a whole batch.

I don't think TY makes them, but the RiTEK's that Verbatim sold are very good (see the Media Compatibility Thread- there's a lot of good information there).

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