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cendyne 48/12/48

How fast is too fast?

cendyne 48/12/48

Postby oxymoron on Tue Dec 24, 2002 4:47 pm

ok, heres the problem. i JUST (3 hrs ago) had my dad buy me a lighting IV. i been doing some reasearch on the burners and i thought that all cendyne lighting IV burners were based on lite-on. when i came home and went to this site, saw a forum that says that cendyne 48x burners are based on 4(?) different companies. i got the CW 4802, aka optorite (its odd on there website, they have it as 48/16/48 ). but anyways, i was wondering, DOES THIS DRIVE SUCK? i know that lite-on is the best, but my old burner (pdc 4x4x24) sucks and i dont want to make the same mistake 2x. please help!
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Postby Inertia on Tue Dec 24, 2002 5:46 pm

The OptoRite CW4802 is a 48X 16X 48X burner.

OptoRite is a manufacturer and has been in business a little over a year (since October 2001).

I don't know anything about the quality of this drive. It may be a good drive, but I would get the Liteon if I could since it's quality is known. Also, there is a lot of support available for Liteons on the forums and frequent firmware updates.

You may be on your own with the OptoRite, at least until enough of them are sold to get a user community going.
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Postby TheWizard on Wed Dec 25, 2002 5:32 am

Only a few people have admitted they own an Optorite drive, and those that have admitted it haven't said anything bad about the drive. OK, so it may not rip audio as fast as a Lite-On; OK, so it's peak read speed may be 42.6X or something and not the full 48X, but regardless, I don't think the drive is bad. It really depends on what you'll be using the drive for. If you NEED fast audio ripping and the highest read speeds then get a Lite-On. If you don't require any of these then the Optorite will suit you just fine.
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