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Burn baby burn!


Postby mastied on Sat Jan 11, 2003 10:41 am

I have a new Cendyne Lightning V 52x burner. Can anyone tell me if you can use this drive with Windows 98 First Edition. The box appears to say yes, but their Wed site says you need a newer version. I have installed it and it appears to be running properly except for this weird problem. It comes with Nero burning software. I can download audio files and burn them onto a CD-R disc and play them in my other CD-Rom drive or home stereo, but when I try and use the new to drive to read any type of CD, the computer locks up. The same thing happened with media type files. So, I'm thinking that maybe this unit needs a newer version of Windows. The people at Cendyne are totally useless. I have not been able to get one drop of tech help. I would like to keep this unit, it was a gift, but I don't want to start spending more money on buying a newer version of Windows. My computer has the following on it. IBM-Aptiva, AMD K6, 350mhz, 256meg Memory, Windows 98 First Ed.
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Not an OS problem

Postby vbl117 on Sat Jan 11, 2003 3:05 pm

It's not a compatibility issue between OS and CDRW burner . It must be something else . Cendyne burners are , most of the time LITE-ON burners which are 98 compatible like 99.9999 per cent optical drives :D . IF on the stick which is on the top of your burner there is something which begins by "LTR-52"..... you must have a LITE-ON burner .

I think it's a compatibility issue between burning software and OS ( else it's a compatibility problem between motherboard and burner ) .
I had problems last year between 98 SE and EASY CD CREATOR because of the "scsi1.hlp" file installed by "direct cd" ( easy cd packet writing component ) . When a media was inserted in my burner or my CD-ROM drive there was a system error and my computer was rebooting .
This issue seems weird but it's true an well known ( http://www.cdrfaq.org/ ).

I copy/paste :
"Subject: [4-33] My system hangs when I insert a blank disc
You may have a bad installation of a CD recording program like DirectCD. When you insert a blank disc, the software tries to identify it to give you the opportunity to format it for packet writing.

If you have packet software like DirectCD or PacketCD installed, try uninstalling it and see if the problem goes away. In some cases you might need to get rid of windows\system\iosubsys\scsi1hlp.vxd manually. "

If you have installed "in cd" ( a nero packet writing component ) uninstall it .

Perhaps it will help you .

If not it could be a compatibility problem between motherboard and CDRW . In this case you can try to flash your CDRW with a newer Firmware found on LITE-ONIT website ( www.liteonit.com ) .
Be careful when flashing your drive with the windows flash utility ( close all applications even antivirus programs ) . If a power failure or a program interrupts flashing process , you ll have no more Firmware .
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