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changing icons in Windows Explorer

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changing icons in Windows Explorer

Postby dodecahedron on Mon May 01, 2006 2:31 pm

i installed an application hkSFV which associates itself with files with extention .md5, and assigns an icon for them.
if i go to Control Panel -> Folder Options -> File Types and look up MD5, there's an Advanced button that let's me change the icon (select one from a few in the program).
i want a double-click on an .md5 file to open it with Notepad, not hkSFV.
so i go to Folder Options -> File Types -> MD5, click on a button Change, and select Notepad. but it also changes the icon to something different.
what happens now is that there is no Advanced button, in its place there's a Restore button (that restores both the previous icon i want but also the association with the original program.
bottom line: if i associate the file type with Notepad, i can't choose my own icon.

is there another way to change the icon used by Windows Explorer for a particular file type that will let me circumvent this ?
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