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Clone Spy

Postby Rich on Sun Jul 31, 2005 12:54 am

Hi Everybody,

I just found a program which I've only used about once and a half times.

It's Clone Spy and it is a file duplicate finder/deleter.

I've been using Dupeless for a couple years and have always loved how it found them and hated having to check each file individually.

Well I just saw this Clone Spy in a message thread and downloaded it from www.clonespy.com. (It had a message site down for maintenance but had a link to download the zip file; unzip it and it just runs, no installation occurs)

The message thread: ... lr=lang_en

said it was freeware and I can't find any money statements inside it, so I'm pretty sure it's free.

Anyway it worked fantastic.

As with anything that is gonna delete your files be sure you read enough to know what your doing.

It let you work with 2 'pools' and select one pool (among many options) for the pool where duplicates would be deleted from.

It would either prompt you, or automatically delete, move to recycle bin, move to folder, or make a delete batch file for you to review and run.

Gee, it couldn't be much better than that.

Anyway I was just so stoked for finding it I wanted to pass it on.

best regards,
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