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Data DVD burning to play other than PC

How fast is too fast?

Data DVD burning to play other than PC

Postby gush70 on Mon Feb 14, 2005 7:35 pm

I got a new machine here and using XP Pro (legit) with a current hassle free SP2 integrated on the software CD. On my old computer that died I used Win98se and Nero 6 and had no problem burning data dvd's to play on my Phillip's player. Presently I have the Nero Ultra that has been updated via the site along with the ASPI fix. I have a DW1620Benq double layered dvd burner on this machine. I have three computers put together with three different double-layered burners (Liteon, Benq and NEC). I download tv series .avi/mpg files and in the past I clicked Nero to burn a data dvd and burn 12-15 avi files per dvd (avg 300MB per file) to play on my Phillips (non-pc). Now, all Nero will burn is to play them on the pc and it doesn't seem to matter here what dvd burner I'm using since I have the same problem on all three machines (my other two have Win2K pro on them). I don't use RW dvd's, and just now removed the InCd software to see if that will fix it. I have uninstalled Nero so many times I am befuddled. I even tried installing Roxio 7 with same results. What settings in Nero do I need to make so I can use the Data DVD option on Nero so it will allow me to play my Divx avi or mpeg files in my Divx player again? Yes, I know about the other option to use on Nero, but that option only allows me to maybe put two avi files on one dvd, which defeats my goal here. I sent an email to Nero over a week ago with no response as yet and my hard drives are filling up fast and sure would like to know how to get this to work. It worked before, so why isn't it working now? I had it working last week when I took this machine into the shop to have something else done, but got it home and doesn't work again for this ditty. It doesn't seem to make a diff about OS either. I'm considering getting rid of these double layered dvd's .. oh, and yes, firmware is updated on all three burners. Right now I don't care about burn speed, I just want this to work. Help?
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