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2 drive RAID-0 xp booting Problem

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2 drive RAID-0 xp booting Problem

Postby aceventura on Sun Feb 03, 2008 11:07 am


I got stuck with a friends computer that SOMEONE else built to try and fix. Its got Raid-0 I believe with 2 maxtor150GB SATA drives connected to the Mainboard(asus). Yes, I know, not a good thing with RAID-0.

Im decent with computers, but not with Raid. This computer trys to boot xp but keeps rebooting and coming to the screen that askes to goto safe mode or boot normally.

I tryied hooking up an IDE drive and loading windows on that drive with the sata drive disconnected. I got windows going on the IDE and connected the SATA drive but I cannot reach them. And it really pulls down the system like its having problems reading the SATA drives.

Are there any RAID-0 tools or bootable disks that might be able to recover these drives? Or do you guys have any other ideas on what I can throw at this think? Thank you for looking at my problem,

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Postby Dartman on Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:05 pm

One of my older Asus AMD64 boards took forever to recognize the outboard SCSI card and drives I had at the time, took like 5-10 minutes to finally boot, then it would work normally after that. I never have bothered with RAID, seems like too many things that could go wrong, but maybe that's just me. I finally just took the card and drives out, just wasn't worth the hassle anymore and IDE drive were just as fast and cheaper anyways by then.
You might need to double check you card settings as SCSI needs special jumpers and settings to work right many times. The motherboard may need to be underclocked or have something tweaked in bios to make it happy as well. I haven't played with SCSI for a few years now.
You might also want to try Asus and the scsi card news groups and forums to see if anyone else has your problems and whatever fix they might have found.
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Postby Ian on Sun Feb 03, 2008 1:47 pm

You could try booting with WinPE (google it). You could then get the data off.
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Postby aceventura on Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:08 pm

thanks for the help guys, this is the reason I dont mess with Raid myself on my main computers. I do however have an old IBM server that was given to me that I just use for a file serve that has raid. I think its RAID-5 though, so i will know when to change a bad/defuncted drive on the fly. ;-)

I never thought of the ASUS forums, I will check that and the WinPE software.
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