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DVD-Rom problems reading after 2Gb

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DVD-Rom problems reading after 2Gb

Postby fumble_duck on Mon Mar 08, 2004 12:40 pm

I'm new here. This is my first post.

Can someone please put up their dvd-rom driver versions from Nero Info or help me with my problem?

Problem: DVD-Rom drive stops reading movie (pressed) DVD's after about 2Gb. Only tried store-bought movie DVD's that work in my set-top dvd player.

What I did: Upgraded Win98 to Win2kPro. DVD-Rom worked fine before the upgrade. Bought win2kpro (oem) brand new off ebay for $98+ship.

What I have:
- asus p4s8x (sis648)
- nvidia fx 5600 ultra
- windows 2000 professional
- Primary IDE: WD 40Gb (master), Seagate 120Gb (slave)
- Secondary IDE: Plextor CD-RW 4/8/32 (master), Pioneer dvr-105s (slave)

What I tried:
- tried ASPI 4.60 and 4.71.2
- updated ide drivers (from asus)
- updated pioneer firmware to 1.33
- checked IDE connections (didn't really have to since all I did was upgrade OS)
- checked jumpers (same thing, it all worked before)
- checked DMA settings (all are ok)
- tried different dvd's, all original disks (Matrix, Gladiator, Les Miserables, Finding Nemo)
- deleted pioneer dvd-rom and restart windows.
- did all of the windows updates.
- in WinDVD, player stops at around 60mins w/ no error msg.
- in PowerDVD 2.55, player stops at around 60mins and closes powerdvd window w/ no error msg.
- in windows explorer I can play the first 2GB of video files (in the VIDEO directory) using WinDVD but nothing beyond that. WinDVD says "Premature end of file" or it plays, gets the the same point in the movie then quits.
- Nvidia NVDVD does not even load up. Error: cannot connect to audio device.
- reinstalled win98 and the problems go away.
- formatted hard drive and reinstalled Win2kpro and problem is still there.
- no problems with dvd-rom reading CD's and CD-R's.
- Nero CD/DVDspeed can go through its whole test without any problems

Only thing I can think of is that the win2k disc I got was somehow corrupted but I see no scratches. All the drivers look ok as far as I can tell. Has anyone seen something like this before? Can anyone help me?

Buffer Underrun
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Postby Rudy on Tue Mar 09, 2004 5:23 am

The only thing I could think is that it is writting to hard drive while reading and your HD is not NTFS then it will have a size limitation.
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Postby fumble_duck on Thu Mar 11, 2004 12:26 pm

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I'm running NTFS on all my drives. I'm beginning to think I somehow have a bad copy of W2k. There was some issue with W2k being unable to read DVD-R's past 2.2Gb that was fixed in SP2. I have SP4 but my cdrom.sys and udfs.sys files are not the same versions as are on the microsoft website. Microsft says that my COA is not real (the disc definitely looks real). I wonder if thats the reason it is not letting me update windows and download SP's?

Damn, I'm gonna leave neg feedback for the jerk that sold me this illegal CD....
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