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DVD Writer Newbie Questions.


DVD Writer Newbie Questions.

Postby binny on Wed Mar 02, 2005 9:18 am

Hi, I'm getting a new computer and so thinking of finally getting a DVD writer. But I don't know what to look for!! I've got a CD writer and I know quite a lot about C1/C2 errors and the best CDR's to use etc, but for DVD stuff, I've got no idea. It just seems much more complex.

Can anyone give me some tips on buying a writer?

I'm looking for a reliable, fast writer that can play and burn game backups (my own games that I purchased of course)

also, between the LG 4163B, LiteOn LDW 1673S, Pioneer DVR 109 and the Sony DWD22A10...which one would be the best?

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Postby spryfly on Wed Mar 02, 2005 11:21 am

First of all the Liteon and the Sony are the same drive and they suck as burners. They are usefull for ripping and kprobe scans and that's about it. Both the LG and Pioneer should make good choices. However, if you want a drive that does everything from error checking to fast ripping concider paying the premium for the plextor 716a.
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CD & DVD Drives

Postby steelly on Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:48 pm

I agree with the last post; Plextor makes premium CD Drives,
and they are always at the top with their DVD Drives. I have
the Plextor 708A and the 712A: they are both magnificient
combo drives, and I bought both these drives because of the
reviews at CDRlabs! I am again looking to purchase the
Plextor 716A at futurepowerpc.com when the 716A drops to
$80.00 after $30 Mail in rebate. Here is the link:
http://www.futurepowerpc.com/scripts/de ... W&REFID=PG
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Postby harley2ride on Wed Mar 02, 2005 1:52 pm

I have the Pioneer A07XLA, and have no problems copying with it. And the burn quality is excellent. I would go with Pioneer or Plextor. If you look at the commercial dvd/cd copiers, a lot of them use Pioneer or Plextor drives.
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Postby Scour on Wed Mar 02, 2005 2:31 pm


The Toshiba DVD-writers seems to be the best one for backup´s of SD2.x, but I don´t recommend them because their writers are the worst in writing-quality with DVD´s.

I recommend the LG, it seems to be a good one for backup´s.

Or buy a Plextor Premium CD-RW-drive for those things and a DVD-writer
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