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Erasing CD-RW discs

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Erasing CD-RW discs

Postby KCK on Mon Jan 06, 2003 11:39 pm

For testing packet writing software, ideally one should use fresh (blank) CD-RW discs. This, of course, is not always feasible because of relatively high prices of CD-RW media. We also know that for most CD-RW discs, the number of rewrites is quite limited (manufacturers may claim 1000, but most users say 100 is a more realistic estimate).

Suppose now that I have a CD-RW disc that has been formatted or reformatted and rewritten just several times by packet writers such as DirectCD or InCD. My basic questions are:

Are there programs which could bring my disc close to its fresh initial state? Will their results depend on whether the disc was formatted to classical UDF 1.50 or CD-MRW (Mt. Rainier)?

For instance, after calling up Nero| Recorder| EraseReWritable| Full Erase on InCD CD-MRW formatted discs, in my tests on LTR-48125W VS08 the re-used discs behave essentially like fresh ones in subsequent tests.

Further, many users report rather mixed results for various versions of SuperBlank (http://come.to/SuperBlank).

Of course, there are other programs for erasing CD-RW discs, but I'm wondering if there is any evidence for what they actually do.
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