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Error to restore (nrestore 1.03) my NERO backup

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Postby ntropy on Wed May 11, 2005 9:20 am

Syzygy wrote:Is there any reason why someone who has Norton Ghost would even want to experiment with BackItUp? No sarcasm intended; I just would like to know.

Also, backitup lets you browse the archives contents without swapping between disc 1 and disc 5 and disc 1 and disc 2 and disc 1 and disc 2 and disc 1 and disc 2 and disc 1 and disc 2 and disc 1 and disc 2 and disc 1 and disc 2 and disc 1 and disc 2 and disc 1 and disc 2.....
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Postby Syzygy on Thu May 12, 2005 3:28 am

ntropy wrote:If backup DVD #21 of 40 got damaged, could either program just redo DVD #21 or do all 40 have to be redone?

I've thoroughly studied all the command-line options available with the latest version of Ghost (2004 and 2003 are almost identical programs) and there's no way to skip over some discs to get to the one that needs to be recreated.

I suspect it'd be very rare for any image-dumping program to allow that. Just think: In the process of discovering there was a bad disc, did your system change, if ever so slightly? If so, the next series of backup discs would all be slightly different.

BTW, my partitions are small enough that each partition fits on one disc (with maximum compression).
— Frank
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Re: Error to restore (nrestore 1.03) my NERO backup

Postby dalemeyer on Thu Sep 29, 2005 5:09 pm

plec wrote:I have made a backup (7 DVD's) with Nero CD backup restore v 1.03.
Now I'm trying to restore these file's and got the next errors:
write error: sector not found write error on destionation harddisk (LBA)
last written block = 62
I've run nrestore.exe in DOS-modus.
I have also let nrestore the chose of the partition to put the backup.

On the backup disk:
NTFS CHS (9732:1:1)
LBA (156344643)
Size (143942337) blk

I bougth a second harddisk. I've tried to restore my backup on the original harddisk (160 GB Seagate) again. With no result.

Do you have some suggestions to restore my data? Or to read the data of the *.dat-files?

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