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Ever seen a lite-on 40x slow down to a 12x ????

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Ever seen a lite-on 40x slow down to a 12x ????

Postby k-rite on Thu Nov 07, 2002 5:04 pm

i got a lite-on 40x with roxio 5.0. it was burning at 40x just fine. then all of a sudden it slows down to 32x and then after a couple more cd's it's down to 12x. i unhooked it, restarted a bunch of times, checked the udma on the other dvd drive, and all that jazz. nothing. anybody have a solution???thanx tom :-?
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Postby glock20rocks on Thu Nov 07, 2002 7:36 pm

A couple of things:
A) Download Lite-On's Smartburn program and see what it says your media
is rated for. I've seen discs with from the same manufactor with no
visible differences; yet one was a CMC 32x one a TY 40x...
B) Try nero.

I've had my 48x12x48x take over 6 minutes to burn a disc; and nero was reporting it was doing it at 40x!! A reboot solved that, though. Still have no
idea what caused it. :(

If you have an Intel based mobo, try install the IAA...

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