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Fake TYs from Fuji?


Fake TYs from Fuji?

Postby MonsterMan on Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:02 am

Alright, I bought a couple of 50 packs of Fuji "Made In Japan" discs (the colored discs, that come in 5 10-disc spindles, each a different color). They ID as TYG02. My Benq 1620 will burn most of them at 16x. Some, however, will only burn at 8x, and a few only at 4x! The latest spindle I opened shows a 16x burn speed but tops out at 8x. Burned in my NEC 3540, they all burn at 12x. However, the ones that my Benq id'd as 4x will not play in anything except the 3540. The benq shows "no disc."

Also, the scans of the discs that don't burn at 16x are much worse than the ones that will burn at 16x - even when both are burned at the rated 8x.

So: do I have monster bad luck and got a VERY bad batch of TYs or are these fakes?

On a side note: does the 1620 always show a HUGE error spike smack in the middle of the disc scan when scanning discs burned from the 3540? Is it the Benq being wierd or is the NEC screwing up in the same spot on every disc? This isn't just with TYs, but every disc I've burned.
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Postby RJW on Thu Nov 03, 2005 7:06 am

Most likely a bad batch.
Really TY's quality seems to be really overrated these days.
But still check for the serial numbers in the inner hub.
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