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1.02 firmware for LG GCC-4480B

Burn baby burn!

1.02 firmware for LG GCC-4480B

Postby cfitz on Tue Mar 18, 2003 1:24 pm

LG's Korean site has also posted new firmware for the GCC-4480B combo drive:


Gaz reports that the above firmware does not include Mt. Rainier support, but that the following English version does:



<edit>Included the link Gaz gave to the Mr. Rainier enabled version</edit>
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Postby Ian on Tue Mar 18, 2003 1:26 pm

Thanks, I needed that.
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Postby cfitz on Tue Mar 18, 2003 1:32 pm

You're welcome. The readme file appears to be the same as for the GCE-8520B, with the appropriate model numbers and firmware versions substituted, of course:

LG GCC-4480B Read Me(kw).txt wrote:Warning
This program use hour lower part contents or the README (win) which is explained.TXT it does not read a file well not to be, the defectiveness which gets with use immaturity is controlled compensation A/S certainly contents or README (win) lower part.TXT to read a file contents, after familiarizing it uses a use method and an attention fact it wishes. It is caused by with system over and firmware ep there is a case where becomes that RAID hour all the member nothing feeling. pe Certainly the necessary cold region to the transfer oneself, in system over it uses it wishes first it probably is not after inspecting. The reimport product users where the product label is English there is not it will be able to use. This program it will be able to register in the opening to the public data thread. When register this program in the opening to the public data thread, the shedding of blood it will be able to occur / against the problem of intangibility registration there is a responsibility which sleeps.

How are you.

This program the Windows firmware where from LG Combo of TRAY method Drive (GCC-4480B) the use is possible carries thu program 1.02 pe is before. Currently it has and firmware of the product pe the transfer 1.02 ramyon it carries thu the necessity which it will do it is not.

When the GCC-4480B102(kw).zip it executes, with lower part 2 files get together.

The GCC-4480B102(win).EXE <- firmware ep that RAID execution file

README (win).TXT <- explanation file (currently contents which is report)

* Use method

0. The Combo when there is a CD inside the Drive, it removes the CD. Future of the company tu it does not operate from the IDE pot of the card. In order to become, after connecting with an independence in SECONDARY MASTER, it uses.

1. When it released a compression file, READ ME.TXT file and GCC-4480B102(win).exe the file was included.

2. GCC-4480B102(win).exe file double it will grow, when lik it does, from the windows it carries thu it becomes at once with automatic movement.

3. The Combo the Drive whole surface non it peels, ppak and, after short time ep that RAID is over. 3. ep To after that RAID currently to indicate a condition it will be able to confirm a condition easily by the screen.

4. It carries thu for the use which is safe in after the window cu re-department thing use after.

* Attention fact

0. The Combo when there is a CD inside the Drive, ep that RAID well, it will not be able to become remove certainly.

1. Firmware ep to in that RAID absoluteness! All the member the OFF roll up the shock widely known in the product. The damage is a water shortage to the product. Detailed the fact where refers the menu el. (Firmware ep the case where has become the all the member nothing feeling in that RAID will go to the near LG Electronics service center and from the sword it will rake up, try to receive.

2. The case where the compatibility of system will fall with above with same method ep there is a possibility the case where does not become that RAID getting. Like this case refers and the menu el after setting it uses the device driver it wishes. (Use after GSCDROM.SYS setting)

3. LG when phul ley swi it uses the memory there is a different product by the pot which connects Combo Drive the possibility of getting up a collision it is like this case LG Combo DRIVE, after connecting ep it does that RAID with independence and it uses it wishes.

4. Future of the company tu firmware ep does not become that RAID from the condition which connects Combo DRIVE in the card. Like this case must use after connecting in the IDE pot of system.

Thank you.

Again, the above is a mangled machine translation.

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Postby inzane on Thu Mar 20, 2003 10:55 am

I updated firmware is working good for me. Before the update, nero reported a max burning speed of 40x, now it reports 48x
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English version of 1.02 firmware for LG GCC-4480B

Postby Gaz on Sat Mar 22, 2003 8:16 am

After updating the firmware from the posted link I noticed that Mt Rainer was disabled. :cry: There is an english version download available from the LG site at: http://www.lgservice.com/bin/dnloadv.cgi/GCC-4480B102(EW).zip?/home/gcsmsvc/dat/SWL/att/KRSWL000/KRSWL000012/KRSWL000012705-b1-a1.zip Mt Rainer was enabled after I flashed the drive with this version. :)
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Postby cfitz on Sat Mar 22, 2003 2:03 pm

Thanks for the info, Gaz. I updated the original post to include your new information.

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