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First Audio burn not a success

Burn baby burn!

First Audio burn not a success

Postby majbach on Sat May 03, 2003 11:26 am

Hi again. Just tried my first music Cd with new LG 8141B and it didn't go so great. I also got rid of Adaptec and used nero ( as all suggested on this site) for the first time.
I started with Nero express and couldn't find a way to select the order of the songs i wanted to burn, so I went with full nero. I burned at 48X, but was surprised how long it took - most of the time seemed to be used for 'calculations'. Anyway, stuck the finished CD in a player and got all sorts of crackling/static noises. Rats.
I did a quick search and found a few others with the same problem on drives of the same speed. One fix was to remove the slave drive on the secondary IDE ( I have an ASUS 40x CD-Rom there). So I did. I was in a rush to make a CD so on my next attempt, I used musicmatch jukebox and burned at 40X. The CD sounded great!
So what was most likely the problem?
CD-Rom as a slave on the same cable?
the burn speed?
I only ask ( the experts) as I don't wish to make a whole bunch of coasters through experiemtation.
If it is the Cd-Rom as a slave on the secondary IDE, is there a workaround for this? By the way, I copied the music off the drive, not CD-ROM, it empty.
Finally, does burn speed have an effect on sound quality?
thanks in advance!
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Postby Albinoni on Sat May 03, 2003 2:04 pm

No Nero is most definately not the error here, also what brand CD-R are you using and also why are you burning music at such a high speed, I like to burn my music at slow speed.

Also isn't Nero express just a compact version of Nero, or could I be wrong here, as for me I'm using the full version of Nero and the latest version.

When you say your burning music, what are you actually burning, are making a copy of another CD to a CD-R or are you actually burning downloaded music (MP3) from the net.

I have my burner set up as follows:

DVD-ROM and Liteon LTR 48246S on IDE 2
HDD and Iomega Zip on Pri IDE 1

DVD set to Master and Liteon set to Slave
HDD set to Master and Zip to Slave.

With nero you need to drag and drop the files into the Nero window before commencing the burn, also I would suggest using the Nero Wizard before going anyfurther with the manual stuff.

BTW What OS are you using ?
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LOL- more questions than answers

Postby majbach on Sat May 03, 2003 2:59 pm

I am using Mitsumi(silver Ink)

Yes, the latest version installs both versions of nero. I would guess they are the same thing, the interface is just different. selecting certain options in nero express automatically changes interface in regular nero.

I am burning MP3s from the HDD.

I am using winMe.
I did use the wizard.
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