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For Ian - a transformeraholic

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For Ian - a transformeraholic

Postby UALOneKPlus on Fri Feb 27, 2004 5:55 pm

scroll to middle - for Reflector

I always wondered as well as to the fighting utility of such a transformer. Next thing you'll be seeing transforming hair dryers: "Beware Optimus Prime, I'm going to dry you to death!!!"
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Postby Ian on Sat Feb 28, 2004 1:04 pm

I have the MicroX (Microman) version of Reflector. Transformers borrowed a lot of toys from other Japanese toy lines. So yeah, you got a lot of goofy stuff like tape players, cameras, microscopes, etc.
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Postby dolphinius_rex on Mon Jul 19, 2004 10:36 pm

Here's another fun thing for Ian, our local transformer fanatic :wink:

Punch Cards -> Paper Tape -> Tape Drive -> 8" Floppy Diskette -> 5 1/4" Floppy Diskette -> 3 1/2" "Flippy" Diskette -> CD-R -> DVD±R -> BD-R

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