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Geforce FX5200 PCI

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Geforce FX5200 PCI

Postby loco21 on Tue Dec 30, 2003 5:45 pm

Hi everyone,

I was a little question, im going to buy the geforce FX5200 PCI, because my motherboard does not have a available AGP slot (it has one onboard).

I made some reserche & i read some reviews on the Geforce 5200 AGP, but i cannot find reviews on the PCI version.

my question is. will the PCI perform as good as the AGP.

thanks in advance!
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Postby Turkeyscore.com on Tue Dec 30, 2003 8:11 pm

it wont perform quite as well as the AGP, but for PCI my guess says it's pretty good for a PCI card.
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Postby integspec on Tue Dec 30, 2003 9:57 pm

As said before PCI can never give you the AGP performance and if you are a gamer, there is a high chance you will be disappointed playing the latest games. I would recommend to change your mobo with a AGP card, and if you can't do it now, to make an investment plan to do it in the future. (Mobo + AGP Video + Other Core stuff).

If you spend money in a PCI, there is a possibility that it might end up as a useless card once you upgrade your PC.

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Postby jedimc on Wed Dec 31, 2003 12:35 am

You will probaly find a reveiw for this card impossible as its a pci, when i was trying to find a reveiw for mu geforce 4mx 440 pci i couldnt find one.
Very soon they will replace the AGP port with a better and much faster PCI Express.
todays AGP 8x ports max out at 2GBps but the PCI Express might get upto 80GBps this willl be the ultimate gaming device.
all i can say about the pci cards is that they are much more expensive but they arent as bad as every thinks they are.
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Postby manni on Thu Jan 01, 2004 4:04 pm

The AGP version of that card is very slow, PCI version is not faster. You can look for Sapphire Radeon 9200 Atlantis PCI, it should be much faster than GeForce FX5200.
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