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LG GS2-H42N acting wierd =/


LG GS2-H42N acting wierd =/

Postby knew_Guy on Wed May 09, 2007 5:40 pm


I have an LG GSA-H42N that I purchased last month. I want to burn a homemade DVD, so I converted the .avi into video and audio files for a DVD so I can play on my DVD player.

Now at first, I used a Maxell DVD+R, and for some reason my DVD player, some Malata, was not able to read it (no disk). Although I know that it can read both DVD+/-R from my past, I decided to try some no-name DVD-R, which too, did not read. Strangely however, when I tried with a RiData 4X DVD+RW disc, it worked fine. :-? Does anyone know why this is? I would prefer to burn my movie onto a DVD+/-R and not a RW, but it will only read it on that disc for some reason. Furthermore, I am pretty sure I burned it correctly as all the disc read off my 360 and my computer normally. I have also tried using other burning programs beside Nero too, i.e. DVD Santa but with no luck (wasted about 5 DVD-R's trying to get this to work =/ )

And on a side note, I also recently tried to burn a regular audio CD from this same burner. When I pop it into any type of CD player (except computer drives), some of the tracks are skippy or simply did not play. I figured this was because I burned it while my computer was laggy/doing stuff, so I tried again burning from a complete fresh boot-up. Problem still existed , so I decided to try my old Samsung SW-252F burner, and it worked perfectly fine the first time.

So is my problem coming from my burner? Or is it my DVD player? I am pretty sure that I have done everything correctly but I cant still get it to work (and I've wasted a lot of disc trying). Thanks in advance for the help!
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Postby Grain on Wed May 09, 2007 6:41 pm

Sounds like it may be the blank DVD's your using in combination with your Malata player. If you are burning them at max speed, try burning them slower, ie 8X or even 4X. If the DVD's play on the 42N you know you have a media compatability issue with your Malata player.
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Postby Justin42 on Wed May 09, 2007 7:17 pm

Did you bitset the DVD+R disc? (look in burning options or the like) Your Malata may not like DVD+R discs but may play discs that are bitset to DVD-ROM (basically it writes something to the disc that makes it look to a player like a normal, standard DVD)

That said, Maxell media is pretty bad right now. Try to find some Verbatim or Sony discs and see how they do. But if other units are playing the discs, I'd think the Malata is more the cause than the burner.

Same basic advice for the CD side, different drives may like different media. Whatever you're burning just may not work well in the LG, try to find some Verbatim or Fuji Made in Japan (look by the UPC code) CDRs if you really want to verify if it's the burner or the player.

There is a chance you have a defective burner but there's probably a more likely chance the type of disc you're using has some role in this.
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Postby bicomputational on Wed May 09, 2007 11:50 pm

The LG 42 is probably the worst cd burner I have used in years. I have
used it with Fuji Ty's and the results were terrible. It is not the media, at least on the cd side of things, it is the drive. See the review of the H42 that
CD Freaks just posted. I also had problems burning dvd's with Ty media and just assumed I had a bad drive, but after reading in CD Freaks LG Forum,
everyone is having problems with burning useable cds - c2 errors causing skipping is the common complaint. Every type of cd media CD Freaks tried wtih the burner during the review produced c2 errors. And I bought this drive because LG has always given me such good cd burns in the past.
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