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LG GSA-4163B Super Multi DVD Burner - Conclusion and wounder


LG GSA-4163B Super Multi DVD Burner - Conclusion and wounder

Postby dhofar on Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:27 pm

quality media will give quality burns >>> this has said it all regading writting quality in most cases with any burner hopefully !

going thro the following links would make someone wounder and ending up ask himself what's up !


You only need to make one link - The Moderator

In all honesty, the GSA-4163B isn't for everyone. The high jitter levels for high speed burns have the potential to cause problems for people planning on making backups of their favorite PS2 or XBox games, or even those just making backup copies of their DVD collection. Also, while the drive's DVD-RAM capabilities will be appreciated by some, most consumers probably won't ever use this feature. For these people, there are better DVD writers out there

despite the performance of the burner for the viewer was good if not very good overall !

endeed this would make any reader asking for the alternative that the viewer left hanging up to increase the wounder even more >> all the other extras this burner has under its cover could be easily considerd into the favour of the burner or a bonus when we know the performance review http://www.cdrlabs.com/reviews/index.ph ... erformance again not far from that of cdfreaks but with a defferent approach to the Conclusion .

even so I'm still considering this forum as one of the best of them all , only asking for justifying and more straight forward Conclusion that would make us less woundering !
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