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Help!! Cannot back up CD-based Playstation 2 games

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Help!! Cannot back up CD-based Playstation 2 games

Postby hogluvr on Sat Jan 10, 2004 3:32 am

Another question from the newbie!!

I have been using my Memorex Dual-X to burn DVD backups with great success (thanx to everyone in this forum who has helped me), and I am moving on to backing up PS2 games.

I have no problem backing up games that are DVD-based, but cannot back up anything that is CD-based.

I am using Alcohol 120% and Swap Magic discs in my PS2.

The backups will play the "prequel" to the games in the Playstation no problem, but when you go to start playing the actual game, it starts to load and then just hangs up...

Can anyone help me out, this is starting to drive me nuts!! Good thing CDs are cheap, I would really be in trouble if my "coaster factory" was being fed DVDs :lol:
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