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help! my cyberdrive cw058d disc tray won't open/eject!

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help! my cyberdrive cw058d disc tray won't open/eject!

Postby sHaManKing on Sun Jun 08, 2003 10:46 pm

this thing happened after i upgraded the firmware (150d to 160d) :evil: so what i did is i reversed it back again (160d to 150d) :wink: unfortunately the same problem occurs :( help!
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Postby TheWizard on Mon Jun 09, 2003 9:00 am

I'm assuming you rebooted the computer, yes? If the drive still doesn't open after reboot then try the emergency eject hole. There should be a tiny hole on the faceplate, stick a pin or something similar inside and pray the tray opens. If not, you may have somehow damaged the drive permanently by upgrading the firmware. The other option would be to call CyberDrive's tech support; they may know something you don't about the tray not opening.
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Postby sHaManKing on Mon Jun 09, 2003 7:42 pm

yes, after the upgrade i rebooted it. and i also tried the emergency eject hole with a paper clip but no help either...you mean the drive was damaged because of a new firmware? why? how?
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Postby TheWizard on Tue Jun 10, 2003 12:41 am

There is always the risk of damaging the drive when upgrading firmware, that is why there is a huge WARNING sign posted in the Readme of any firmware patch. How or why the firmware upgrade affected your tray, I have no idea, but I suppose anything is possible.
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Postby sHaManKing on Tue Jun 10, 2003 7:52 am

this is the 2 readme files of the firmware:

(cw058d important information.txt)

1. If you cannot finish the update under your Windows OS and you get an error message, then you must update the firmware under real MS-Dos.
Therefore you need Boot-Disc, which you can create under Dos or Windows. Please read the chapter of "Create a Boot-Floppy-Disc" in your Microsoft Operating system manual or contact Microsoft directly.

2. If you have further problems after doing the update, please check the following points first:

A) Is DMA activated for our drive? (device manager/CD-ROM/CW058D/settings)
DMA must be activated. Further details on this subject are described in the manual of your mainboard.

B) Does your OS show the drive's updated firmware version? The firmware version of your drive is shown in Nero or in device manager/CD-ROM/CW088D/settings in the upper right corner.

In addition to Nero 5.5, Clone CD (from version on) can be installed. These programs are compatible to each other.

3. Updates and technical support for non-Cyber Drive products can be obtained under

www.ahead.de Nero und INCD

mailto: techsupport3@nero.com

Phone: +49-(0)190-871086
1,86 Euro/min

Fax.: +49-(0)7248-911888


www.elby.de Clone CD
www.padus.com Discjuggler
www.roxio.de Win On CD
www.roxio.com Easy CD Creator + Direct CD
www.feurio.com Feurio
www.pinnaclesys.de Instant CD/DVD, Instant Copy DVD
www.steinberg.de Get it on CD, My MP3, Clean
www.ashampoo.com CD Recording Studio, BurnYa! Audio CD
www.disc4you.de CDR Win, Gamejack, Moviejack, Audiojack, Discsafe
www.alcohol-software.com Alcohol Software
www.gearsoftware.com Gear
www.veritas.com Primo CD
www.magix.com CD Burnr, Movies on CD/DVD, Pictures on CD/DVD, MP3 Maker

www.fokus.gmd.de/research/cc/glone/empl ... ecord.html
CD Record

Your technical support team Europe - 02.04.2003

(update cw058d.txt)
Firmware Update CW058D Version 160D
Dos Update - D58D160D.exe
Windows Update - W58D160D.exe

How to do:

Please select the file due to your operating system.
Start your PC.
After the booting sequence is finished, please execute the file and follow the on-screen messages.
After the update is finished successfully, you will get a short information. Wait until the Green LED stops flashing. Please reboot your PC then.
Thats it.

Wie geht das Update:

Zuerst die Datei passend zum Betriebssystem auswählen.
Dann starten Sie bitte den PC.
Nachdem der PC den Bootvorgang beendet hat, starten Sie die Update Datei (Unter Windows durch einfaches Doppelklicken auf die Datei).
Folgen Sie nun den Bildschirmanweisungen bis eine Meldung erscheint, die das erfolgreiche Durchführen des Updates bestätigt. Warten Sie, bis die grüne LED zu Blinken aufhört.
Danach starten Sie den PC neu.
Das war es schon.


The Bios change items from V150D to V160D were listed as below:

Interface portion:
1.Modify read some SAO write disc problem.
2.Add AAM (Automatic Acoustic Management) function.
3.Modify some CD-TEXT DISC read CD-TEXT problem.


The Bios change items from V140D to V150D were listed as below.

Interface portion:
1.MediaPlayer program digital play audio CD will down speed to 24X.
2.Enhance SD2 read function.
3.Read VCD disc if has C2 error then minimum will down speed to 12X.
4.Modify read function for some protect VCD & audio CD.
5.Add peice_by_peice transfer data function when read disc.
6.Limit ultraspeed CD-RW disc read speed at 24X.
7.For PC-DOCTOR(Ver. backup test problem. Because the program TAO test write is not
enough 4 seconds data so our drive need padding data to 4 seconds.
8.Modify SAO low speed write fail problem.
9.Modify NERO TAO write CD+ fail problem.

Servo portion:
1.Add some CD-R write table.
2.Modify some CD-RW write strategy table.
3.Modify servo for read some protect VCD & audio CD.


The Bios change item from V130D to V140D were listed as below.

1. Change CD-R (97:27:00) write table.
2. Add CD-RW disc write table.
3. Add CD-RW max write power protect.
4. Improve Exaclink write function.


The change items from V120D to V130D was listed as below.

1. Fix CloneCD restart problem.
2. Improve audio extraction quality.
3. Modify for InstantCD VP write.
4. Modify start up read TOC & TDB function.
5. Modify eject key function.


The changed items from V110D to v120D were listed as below.

1. Modify read track information for Roxio Direct CD.
2. Modify EASY CD CREATER write DAO Audio Disc problem.
3. Modify CD-R write quality by Dynamic Write Strategy.
4. Set limitation in Focus balancing calibration for blank CDR/RW disk.


Cyber Drive Technology Europe, 02.04.2003

as you can see there is no WARNING sign posted...
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Postby TheWizard on Tue Jun 10, 2003 7:50 pm

Where did you download the firmware from? Look at the page for a warning. Case in point, Firmware-Flash.com's page for CyberDrive:

http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?c ... ufactor=43
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Postby CDRecorder on Sat Jun 14, 2003 12:19 am

Sometimes, may need to actually turn the computer off for a minute or so and then turn it back on after flashing the firmware. Have you tried this?
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