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High CPU Usage With LTR 52246S USB 2.0

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High CPU Usage With LTR 52246S USB 2.0

Postby taxman150 on Wed Jan 29, 2003 2:04 am

I was running the various Nero CD Speed tests on my Liteon 52246S installed in a USB 2.0 external case. All of the test results seemed in line with what I would expect to see based on test information on the internal, factoring in a slight difference for the USB connection. The only thing that stood out was CPU usage. I'm seeing the following results consistently:

1X - 2%
2X - 7%
4X - 17%
8X - 26%

These amounts seem inordinately high in comparison to the internal - even when factoring in the USB 2.0 connection. Does this seem reasonable? Could there be something set-up incorrectly? Is this high usage something I should worry about? I don't have anything running in the background when running this test and have a Pentium IV, 2.66ghz processor with XP and 512MB Memory. My burns are all coming through perfect so far however.

Conversely, I've been running the same test on the Plextor 4824TU and noted much lower CPU usage times (as would be expected):

1X - 1%
2X - 3%
4X - 7%
8X - 13%

By the way, there shouldn't be any problems having 2 USB 2.0 CD-RW drives installed at the same time, should there?

Any thoughts on the CPU usage of the Liteon would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Postby cfitz on Wed Jan 29, 2003 2:09 am

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Postby dodecahedron on Wed Jan 29, 2003 4:28 pm

the inaccuracy of the CDSpeed CPU usage test notwithstanding, it would be an interesting experiment if you removed you Lite-On from the external USB2.0 case and installed it in the same computer and re-ran the test under the exact same conditions...shouldn't be too difficult, even though it is a hassle. but then you would get strait answer as to whether the USB is affecting performance.
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