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In House Review: Stomp, Inc.'s RecordNow MAX 4.0

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Postby Boone on Thu Jan 01, 1970 1:00 am

Good evening (at least for us North Americans)! We've got a late night special for the readers this evening. It's a software review! Yay! Calm down, you'll never get to sleep now. :)

CDRLabs is bringing a report on Stomp, Inc.'s latest gem, RecordNow MAX 4.0. Their goal with this package was to create a professional's recording package with heavy emphasis on the day to day burning tasks that home users and corporate employees face. Did they succeed? I'll make you read the review for that, but I will give you a little sample to whet your appetite:
<blockquote>But, since the back-end is only a part of the story, we're forced to report on the GUI, or front-end of the software. As more and more people begin to use burners, the lower the average computer IQ becomes. A GUI has a way of simplifying things to bring out the productivity in even marginal computer users. RecordNow MAX 4.0's claims of corporate dominance might give us some clues into a possible superior front-end. Then again, if it's not possible to do anything without a Wizard spoon feeding me questions, that would detract from the power users' opinions. Can Stomp strike the right mix?</blockquote>
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