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How to get to page with hardware reviews?????

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How to get to page with hardware reviews?????

Postby slipkid on Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:07 pm

I'm researching now trying to decide on a replacement for my dying Liteon 20A1H and came up to CDRLABS to read some reviews, but am confused in that I can't figure out how to find the reviews the way they used to be organized, which was a very ez webpage with sections organized by Manufacturer with links in each one for particular models.

I am positive that this used to be how I read the excellent reviews up here, but coming back now all I can find is a very poorly organized page that goes by date of review, with no way to simply find what make/model you are considering. In fact I had the page with the review for my old Liteon bookmarked which I wanted to refer back to to compare new models with, but that old bookmarked link does not even work anymore (instead it just goes to the generic organized by date page, which I find to be too difficult to wade through to find anything).

Is the ability to easily view your reviews by manufacturer gone now? And if so, please reinstate it - it really was very very useful....trying to wade through page after page after page of reviews now looking for specific things is very very tedious. Sometimes improvements are not for the better :-(
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Re: How to get to page with hardware reviews?????

Postby Ian on Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:57 pm

When you click the Reviews tab, three links will appear below it. If you click these, you'll get a list of reviews that can be filtered by a keyword or organized by title (manufacturer) or date. Here's a direct link to our DVD writer reviews in case you can't find it:


And yes, I dropped a lot of the older reviews. I'm slowly going back and adding them, but most of my free time is spent working on new reviews.
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