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An idea to CDRW burn software developers

Burn baby burn!

An idea to CDRW burn software developers

Postby Halc on Sat Aug 09, 2003 11:28 am

Now that we have started using Wses, CD Doctor, Kprobe and Plextools generally in all forums as a relative media of cd-r burn readability on a particular drive, I think it's time to get this process automatized.

I've been running manual scans like the rest of us in order to try and determine what's a good media for my wife and for my co-workers.

I can't do this to them every single month as it is quite time consuming.

Wouldn't it be nice, if an ordinary cd-rw burn program user, could just pop-in a CD, compile the stuff she needs to back up, burn the disc, get verification on burned data AND a relative 'quality measure' of the burn readability on that drive.

This quality measure would be a certain simple illustrative number calculated from BLER and C2 errors. Or just C2 errors. Or something else.

The problem is for many ordinary users that the drives may fail, disc batches change, factories are changed between cd-r batch runs, ATIPs are forged and verification doesn't tell that much about the burn quality.

Still a lot of ordinary people (99.999999999% of who don't even know the existence of such forums as this) are doing archival recordings on various CD-R without having a faintest clue as to what kind of burn quality they are getting.

I know there are caveats in this.

I know the measures could only be roughly illustrative on a one particular reader and perhaps not very generalisable.

I know various limitations apply.

However, it would surely be better than the current state of ordinary users blindly burning on whatever disc is available and happily thinking digital is "perfect forever".

Any thoughts as to which software developers might be most insterested in at least trying to adopt such a feature in to their burning program (I know that supported hardware would be very limited)?

Who should I approach initially with this idea?


PS I'm so tired of testing and I still have so much to do for the article I'm writing. I wish there was just one source I could turn to and who would ALWAYS provide quality discs that would work on all drives...
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