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ImgBurn v2.5.5.0 Released

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ImgBurn v2.5.5.0 Released

Postby Ian on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:39 pm

A new version of ImgBurn was released today. Here are the major changes:

It's another 'quick fix' release to workaround the 'Insecure Library Loading Vulnerability' (MSA 2269637) in Windows. This one also adds proper (as in, multi-session/track) support for the .CDI image file format.


Full changelog:

Added: Support for Plextor PX-870 / PX-880 / PX-L890 drives to be treated as LiteOn drives (rather than true Plextor drives) by the 'Book Type' / 'Advanced Settings' code. This negates the need to manually enter the Device IDs in the 'Configure Drive OEM' window.
Added: Support for /NOSAVELOG command line switch (see ReadMe.txt for usage).
Added: Support for /FILESYSTEMONLY command line switch (see ReadMe.txt for usage).
Added: Support for relative paths when reading the boot image file name from an IBB file.
Added: Proper support for CDI images (including multi-track/session ones) via Padus's PfcToc.dll file (must be present where ImgBurn.exe is).
Changed: Show a little more firmware version information for LG drives on the Device Capabilities window and when checking for firmware updates. This is useful for drives like the BH10LS30 that display 1.00 when the full version number might actually be 1.00-A9.
Changed: Increased precision of timestamps when 'building' UDF file system.
Changed/Fixed: DLL loading method to avoid Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637).
Fixed: An internal table containing file system info during a Read/Verify operation was using an incorrect size value for files when UDF was being used and the files had multiple allocation descriptors spread over multiple sectors. (Only used when logging which file a certain bad sector belongs to)
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