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IsoBuster 3.0 Released

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IsoBuster 3.0 Released

Postby Ian on Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:51 am

IsoBuster 3.0 was released this week. Here is the announcement and change log:


I am glad to be able to announce the final 3.0 version release of an exciting new IsoBuster. Excited because this new version, besides optical media (CD, DVD and BD) now also supports Flash drives, Media cards of all sorts and makes, Jaz, Zip, Floppy drives, Hard Drives etc. To top it of, there is now also brand new NTFS support !

To try and pour it in a list, here are the newly supported disks / drives:

■ Thumb / Flash drives
■ SD disks / drives
■ Compact disks / drives
■ MMC disks / drives
■ SSD disks / drives
■ Jaz disks / drives
■ Zip disks / drives
■ Floppy disks / drives
■ HD disks / drives
■ And more ...

And here's the newly supported File System:


On optical media (CD, DVD, BD) we are accustomed to the concept of Sessions and Tracks. On all these newly supported disks, logical volumes (file-systems) are put into Partitions, not Sessions. IsoBuster supports, just like you were used to with Sessions using IsoBuster:

■ All Windows / DOS / Macintosh / HFS Partitions are immediately shown
■ All the file-system(s) in those partitions are immediatly shown
■ You can use all the features you normally would use on tracks and sessions, but now on partitions.
■ You can do data recovery pretty much the exact same way as on optical
■ Forensics investigators will love the easy overview of all partitions and all file systems
■ See sector per sector content with Sector View
■ Extract portions of the media
■ Support for UDF, FAT, NTFS, HFS(+) on any partition
■ Etc.

Download here:

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Re: IsoBuster 3.0 Released

Postby SithTracy on Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:03 am

I used to use this software... Was good back in the day. Saved me from the mistake of using Nero InCD packet writing. Almost forgot about it. Not sure if I will invest in it, but thanks for the info.
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