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JVC To Ship First DVD-RW DL Media In August

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JVC To Ship First DVD-RW DL Media In August

Postby Ian on Tue Jul 03, 2007 12:01 pm

It's about time. This stuff has been in development since 2005. Now we just need some drives that support it.



JVC Releases VD-W85A single-sided Dual Layer (DL) DVD-RW Disc for Data

“Inverse stack” fabrication process ensures superior quality and stable recording layers

Victor Company of Japan, the first company in the world to develop a single-sided Dual Layer rewritable DVD disc,
today announced the release of single-sided Dual Layer DVD-RW disc for data capable of storing large amounts
of data through continuous rewriting.
The new products have a single sided recording capacity of 8.5GB, which is similar to the single-sided Dual Layer
DVD-R discs and 1.8 times recording capacity of conventional single-sided DVDs. In addition to the space saving
advantages provided by the new DVD-RWs, superior operability is attained through deletion and rewriting of data.
The new DVD-RW discs are both economical and environmentally friendly as they can be reused repeatedly.

Major Features

1. JVC’s own “Inverse stack” fabrication process ensures superior quality and stable rewriting singlesided
dual recording layer

JVC’s own “Inverse stack” (opposing layer bonding) fabrication process ensures superior quality and stable
rewriting performance from the Dual Layer. Based on world-leading related technologies developed by JVC
such as the data recording area U groove formation technology, precise bonding technology for the “Doublesided
rewritable DVD-RW disc”, and commercialization of the “high-speed rewritable DVD-RW discs”, JVC has
further answered consumer demand by employing superior level high precision stamper fabrication, formation
of recording layers and layer bonding processing in developing this product.

2. Complies with “DVD-RW for DL” system 2x-speed continuous rewriting
Based on the “DVD-RW for DL Ver.2.0” standard. Through the use of the newly developed high precision
phase change recording layer, optimization of the laminated structure and composition, and high precision
stamper technology, the high quality of recorded data playback and reliability are ensured for the single-sided
Dual Layer DVD-RW discs, designed for use in the more rigorous conditions required for Dual Layer data
recording. 2x-speed continuous rewriting of large amounts of data ensures the ideal level of operability of the

3. 1.8 times capacity of conventional (single-sided single layer) discs suitable for continuously saving
large amounts of data

Compared to conventional single-sided single layer DVD-RW discs, this JVC disc has a storage capacity of
8.5GB, approximately 1.8 times storage space of conventional single-sided single layer DVD-RW discs. This
enables the continuous storage of data onto one side of a DVD disc, far more than was previously possible on
conventional DVD discs, thus enabling space saving. And as the product can be used for a wide range of
purposes and is reusable, it is economical and friendly to the environment.

4. HG Series – “100 fold guard against scratches” excellent for repeated rewriting or long term data

Proprietary high performance hard coat treatment means that discs are protected against scratches, dust, and
dirt that interfere with disc reading or writing, making the discs perfect for long term storage of important data.

1) 100 fold increased protection against scratches when compared to a DVD not treated with Hard Coat
(measured using internal testing standards).

2) Superior effectiveness of electrification prevention, preventing static build up and dust particle build up.

3) Optimized surface lubricity prevents oily dirt marks such as fingerprints, and makes it easier to clean the

5. Produced in Japan for superior quality and high reliability

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Postby Gabe on Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:36 pm

Any DVD-writers have officila support of that media?
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Postby deinabog on Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:50 am

Doesn't sound like many current drives will support it. And a firmware update won't bring support either. Does it even matter now that we're in the age of Blu-ray and HD-DVD :o ?
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Postby Scour on Wed Jul 04, 2007 9:00 am

BluRay and HD-DVD means ATM nothing to me, but DL-RW is a good idea when Standalone DVD-Recorder can handle it
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Postby dolphinius_rex on Wed Jul 04, 2007 11:44 am

DVD-RWDL sounds like it's going to be only a few $ cheaper then BD-RE. I'm sure some people will use it, but I don't think I'll be one of them.
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