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Latest Liteon LVW-5005A's Don't Update

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Latest Liteon LVW-5005A's Don't Update

Postby rckowal on Sun Jan 09, 2005 12:28 pm

I have an October 2004 model LVW-5005A which will not recognize firmware updates (although some users claim theirs did).

Is there possibly a problem with some lots of this recorder sold by Costco this December? I would very much appreciate hearing the experiences of others who have this model.

My 5005 ignores "ANY & ALL" firmware updates; regardless of the version. It came from the factory with FLFNA 1090 firmware installed. The serial number on the label is 602441042551.

I've tried numerous ways to install various firmware updates to my 5005 with "no joy" (only 16 coasters). These included the latest installation directions and the firmware file LNFA1091.ESU (both provided directly on Liteon Tech Support email on 12/30/2004) as well as other firmware versions. When the updating CD-R is placed in the tray; it closes, loads, starts to read "FILE" then the TV screen flashes "DATA DISK" & rejects it.
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Postby unclebud on Thu Jan 13, 2005 10:51 pm

my sympathies dude
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Liteon 5005 - Unable to update Firmware

Postby jeffzink on Thu Jan 27, 2005 10:07 am

I too have the same issue. The drive reads the CD and indicates it's a data CD but nothing happens. I have a call in with Liteon support but have yet to hear back.

I downloaded the System and Firmware updates, unzipped with Winzip, and placed each file on a seperate CD.

System Update file on CD: LNFA1098.ES3 size 1.896k
Firmware Update file on CD: LNFA1000.E30 size 1,026k

I read another post that notes the extentions names should be ESU. I have not tried to alter the extention name yet until hearing back from Liteon. Has anyone found a solution for this failure to update firmware?


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