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Limited Edition Panasonic/Nintendo Gamecube package for sale

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Limited Edition Panasonic/Nintendo Gamecube package for sale

Postby ckang007 on Thu Nov 20, 2003 9:27 pm

Panasonic Q (Panasonic Gamecube) with Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness for Sale. Comes with 3 controllers, remote for DVD and Game Playback, s-video cable, a/v cable and a memory card.

This is an actual limited edition machine. only 5000 are made throughout the world. unlike those american platinim "limited" edition that's been around forever

Standard Disc tray for normal size dvd discs.
Can play Japanese or North American games.
Digital Output for DTS and Digital Dolby 5.1 Sound
All Region DVD playable
Plays Video CDs and MP3
Plays retail CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs
Stainless steel chassis and sturdy handles for lifting
Backlit LCD display for monitoring modes and settings
Consolidated mechanical disc tray holds GameCube optical discs, DVDs, and CDs
Dialogue Enhancer attenuates voices and center sounds
Cinema display modes for brighter or darker movie visuals
Two surround modes to widen normal stereo signals
Bass Plus feature deepens low frequency response for subwoofer owners
Separate subwoofer jack to utilize Bass Plus
Four front-mounted controller ports trimmed with a blue light
Mirrored faceplate protected by polished glass surface
English & Japanese on screen menue (switchable)
Optical Output for True Digital Sound.

asking for $500

email me at ckang007@yahoo.com

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Postby ckang007 on Sun Feb 01, 2004 9:42 pm

still for sale. 500 dollars only for this limited edition Gamecube
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Postby TheWizard on Tue Feb 03, 2004 11:02 am

Too little, too late for Nintendo. They should have implemented a standard size DVD-ROM, not a mini, when they first started selling GameCube. They won't catch up to PS2 in sales. Nintendo also should have implemented some sort of backward compatibility to Nintendo 64, much like PS2 did with PS1. My advice for Nintendo: stop trying to revamp the GameCube and focus on the next generation of video game systems. It better be something huge which can surpass Sony and the ubiquitous Microsoft.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to deter your sale, per se, I just got caught up on my soapbox. :) If you want my honest opinion about your particular sale, the price is too high. Bring it down a bit.
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