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Lite-On CDRW/DVD combo drive (cant read DVDs)

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Lite-On CDRW/DVD combo drive (cant read DVDs)

Postby SDB100 on Wed Feb 25, 2004 12:26 am

I have a Lite-On LTC-48161H CDRW/DVD (48x24x48x16) combo drive and seem to be having some trouble. It will read from CD and install from CD just fine, as well as play audio CD's, but, I am unable to get it to recognize any DVD movies I have. I have tried a couple different movies I have, some newer, and some older. I have tried the PowerDVD that came with the drive (OEM) as well as WinDVD 4.0 and 5.0 and either way, the drive will spin up and spin down for a few minutes and then a windows box will pop up saying "No disc in drive D:".

I have the drive as master on Secondary IDE, I have no primary IDE device installed as I am using a SATA hard drive and am using it on the SATA controller/connector.

I have come to the conclusion that this drive must have a problem with the DVD reading capability, an adjustment in the lens is not working properly or something. Either that, or I am missing something, either way, I was wondering if anyone here might know what the problem is.

If the drive is truely defective, I think im going to RMA it (newegg.com) and just buy a drive from the local Staples store. If I do this, which drive would you recommend? I was looking at a Samsung 52x24x52x16 (i think), or a Sony drive. Either way, what drive/brand would be a good drive for in the $80 range? This Lite-On was only $48 from newegg, shouldnt be hard to find a comparable drive for about the same.

I have also tried going into device manager and setting the region code for the drive, but it would tell me i need to put in a Region 1 media. So, I put in a DVD I had and tried again, and it came back with the same message, need to put in a Region 1 media.


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