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Liteon 48246S Firmware

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Liteon 48246S Firmware

Postby Albinoni on Thu Jan 23, 2003 6:46 am

I've read a few posts here that users have abled to upgrade their Liteon 48246S firmware, so it upgrades it to a Liteon 52246S, I presume this is the liteon 52x 24x 52x burner with Mt Rainier support.

How do I go abouts doing this. I've also been to the Liteon website, went to downloads and then to Firmware, looked for the firmware upgrade and there is a zip file there named R48SSOA zip, dated 2003/01/03. The description of this file says "match more media", though it does not say anything about upgrading to a Liteon 52246S or even Mt rainier support.

Also to do a firmware upgrade do I need to leave a CD in the drive or not necessary. And this being a windows based firmware upgrade, do I need to unzip the file and just re install it in Windows.

Re the above, I'm only have a think about it, but really not quite sure if I will go ahead and do it. as my Liteon 48246S works very well and I'm very happy as it is.
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Postby jase on Thu Jan 23, 2003 6:57 am

Firstly, if you're unsure don't do it. The performance increase isn't that stunning TBH.

The way to reflash the drive is simple now. Download the 52x firmware, and a nifty litte util "Flash Fix" courtesy of Dimitri here http://digi.web1000.com/flashfix.htm. Unrar the firmware file, run the flash-fix util on the firmware and flash away. The Flash Fix removes the protection and allows any LiteOn drive to be flashed with any LiteOn firmware.
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Postby Hibiki04 on Thu Jan 23, 2003 6:06 pm

Just curious, is it possible to overclock the Lite-On 48125W without damaging it?
The reason why I ask is because the firmware for 48246S seems to do a better quality write on the cdr's (based on the graphs of the ppl here that have a 48246S) than the VSO8 firmware for the 48125W?

Jase, the link that you gave for the "flash fix" isn't there, is there another link I can go to to get that util?

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Postby dhc014 on Thu Jan 23, 2003 8:45 pm

You cannot overclock the LTR-48125W. Get flashfix here: http://digi.rpc1.org/flashfix.htm
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